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Clothings and Accessories for Men Women and Children

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"Give the ones you love wings to fly,

roots to come back,

and reasons to stay."

Dalai Lama


Prêt-à-Aimer | Ready-to-Love

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FRENCHBORN is a family business, based in Rennes, Brittany, but born in sunny Miami, Florida.

Migratory birds by nature, we flew to the United States one fine day in 2006, with our 13-month-old son as our only baggage.

But the roots that bind us to France are deep and, in 2020, against the backdrop of a global pandemic, we knew it was time to return. Our children were born with wings, the time had come for them to discover their roots.

Confident in the certainty that nothing replaces family and friends, listening only to our hearts, we returned to settle in my homeland ... Brittany.

I'm Valérie, the co-creator of "FRENCHBORN" which translates to "ORIGINE FRANÇAISE" in English.

"I am French-born" -- this little phrase has so often allowed me to justify my "beautiful French accent" (LOL) in the USA!

FRENCHBORN -- it's also Camille, my partner in this adventure, he's American and grew up in New York... well no! Not everyone is lucky enough to be born Breton! (LOL)

This triple Franco-Breton-American culture laid the foundations of our style - cool, urban, fun & modern - and where we shamelessly abuse Franglish (mix of French and English) which gave life to our first designs.

We design fashion for the curious, lovers of the world, of travel, and of Brittany.


Because, by defining yourself, a few pretty words placed on a piece of clothing become, very simply, in a very gentle way, the first step to start a conversation with others; whereas a simple meeting is enough to change the course of a day or the course of a life!


Our collections are designed for the whole family, young and old, to accompany you every day, whether the adventure takes place in the lands where you were born or in more distant horizons.

The FRENCHBORN collection is cool yet sleek and modern, inspired by our American (a little), French (a lot), and Breton (crazy) roots, designed for anyone like us who doesn't take ourselves too seriously. It accompanies you and makes you strong on a daily basis; at FRENCHBORN, we have the family spirit, of the one who supports you, in all circumstances, and always reminds you of the importance of not forgetting your roots.

At FRENCHBORN, we only take ourselves seriously when it comes to guaranteeing you quality products!

This is why we are committed to offering only Eoko-Tex* certified products.


Let it be said: FRENCHBORN is not an ordinary ready-to-wear, FRENCHBORN is now YOUR ready-to-wear, so COOL by the way, that we have chosen to requalify it rather as... Ready-To-Like!...  Prêt-à-Aimer!

Welcome to the family


The Breton tribe that looks like you!

That you take the time to read these few words already makes you precious to us.

We would be happy to count you as a member of our tribe, for that, you just have to subscribe to receive our newsletter (not too often, we promise!) and follow us on Instagram @FRENCHBORN.Store

And then, do not hesitate to share with us, your FRENCHBORN looks (#Kidsofbrittany) to receive each time a discount on your next purchase.

See you very soon in the #tribuFRENCHBORN #latribubretonnequivousressemble

Valérie & Camille.

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